• First-line Shanghai freight forwarding company
    1line Shanghai company
    Based in the international metropolis Shanghai, serve the national cross-border traders
  • 5 years systematic management of freight forwarder
    5years systematic management
    Full information and import customs clearance information management , efficient and fast。
  • Professional service team
    Professional service team
    powerful service team, to provide you with professional import and export forwarding services

Foch International freight forwarding service

Foch International Freight Forwarding Company can provide you with a series of services such as booking space, trailers,
loading, customs clearance, insurance, etc., and Foch has many cooperative trucking companies, real-time information reminder tracking, low insurance rate。

Foch freight forwarding

About Foch

Shanghai Foch international logistics co.,
LTD.(hereinafter referred to as "Foch international logistics co., LTD.")
is a national first-class freight forwarder with the operation qualification
of nvocc approved by the ministry of communications.

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  • Price transparency

    Transparent Prices
    Avoid Price Traps。
  • Exclusive cust service

    One-to-one communication,
    Providing professional services。
  • professional services

    Air and Sea Railway,
    Freight Forwarder Solution。
International Freight Forwarder

Import and Export Forwarder Partners

Foch has formed cooperation with import and export forwarding companies in many countries
and shipping companies around the world to provide more powerful international freight forwarding
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